Recognizing Our Legacy Donors

The Burnett Society

The Burnett Society recognizes those who support the university through a planned gift, usually from their will or trust. The group takes its name from Edgar A. Burnett, a chancellor at the University of Nebraska during the Great Depression, who recognized the university would not succeed on state funding alone. Burnett called on 30 business and civic leaders, and together they created the University of Nebraska Foundation to raise private funds for the university. The foundation received its first bequest in 1937 from a former faculty member; the second came in 1938 from an alumnus and 40-year employee of the library. By establishing a planned gift to benefit the University of Nebraska, you demonstrate that same enduring commitment to education that drove Chancellor Burnett and those early donors. Thank you for supporting the future of the university’s outstanding students, faculty, research, programs and facilities.

How does it work?

Membership in the Burnett Society is reserved for those who have named the foundation as a beneficiary of their estate or have made another planned gift to the foundation. As a Burnett Society member, you join a distinguished group of people committed to a strong future for the University of Nebraska.


The details of your gift are always confidential. We will not release gift information or publish your name without your consent. You may also decline membership in the Burnett Society or request anonymity.


Our Burnett Society members enjoy several special events throughout the year planned specifically for them, such as campus tours, lunches and educational opportunities. If you are interested in learning more or would like to make a planned gift to benefit the University of Nebraska, please contact a member of the gift planning team.


Kim Waller

For more information on the Burnett Society, please contact Kim Waller at